About Us

     Radford & Ward, purveyors of parlor games and pedantic esoterica, offer for your pleasure a variety of objects sure to delight, entertain, and educate in equal measure.
     Our entertainments require no electricity and are gluten free. None better at any price.


Creature Cards
     This set of greeting cards, available both individually and in packaged sets, are printed on high-quality pearlescent cardstock and feature six of the most terrifying yet fascinating mysterious monsters in the world. Each handsomely designed card explains the folklore behind the beast, along with notable sightings,
scientific explanations, peculiar evidence, hoaxes, and other curiosa about things that go bump in the night. The creatures include North America’s Bigfoot, Scotland’s Loch Ness Monster, the fearsome Kraken, the Jersey Devil of New Jersey, Puerto Rico’s vampire el Chupacabra, and Jamaica’s terrifying Rolling Calf. Whether for yourself or as a thoughtful note for a
monster-lover, these cards will educate and delight.


Fold & Find
     A modern twist on a classic puzzle, the Fold & Find challenges kids and adults alike to find a half-dozen monsters in a folded maplike illustration puzzle. Richly detailed illustrations are accompanied by factual descriptions, resulting in an irresistible puzzle more complex than it first appears. As each puzzle is
solved and each monster found, it can be colored in and its description read before moving on to the next. Look for smaller clues and hidden objects in the larger puzzle!
Learn about the folklore and mythology of the monsters while solving the puzzle.


A Word about the Proprietors
     The “Radford” in Radford & Ward is Benjamin Radford, award-winning author, folklorist, investigator, educator, and podcaster. The “Ward” in Radford & Ward is Celestia Ward, award-winning illustrator, editor, and podcaster, and half of Two Heads Studios in Las Vegas, Nevada.